We are Wellstone, your premier high altitude Medical Marijuana Center. Rooted in Westside Colorado Springs, we are conveniently located on West Colorado Avenue on the corner of 16th Street. Our unique location makes it easy to service your holistic needs, quickly and confidentially. Our shop presents the latest medical marijuana products in a neat and organized manner so you can easily find the treatment you need. Need assistance selecting the right treatment for your condition? Our knowledgable and compassionate staff is happy to discuss the wide range of products we carry to ensure you find the right medication. We take great pride in our location, and believe our shop is as beautiful and impressive as our strains of bud. If you seek high quality natural medicine in the right location, we invite you to stop in, meet the staff, and experience the Wellstone difference.

At Wellstone, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and natural medications to our many patients. It is our mission to ensure every person that comes into our shop feels truly cared for, valued, and respected, regardless of your condition. Our knowledge and professional staff is always happy to guide you if you need assistance selecting the right treatment for what ails you. We truly pride ourselves in the way to address your concerns and often treat our patients like honored members of our family. We provide exclusive discounts and reduced rates for our valued members, to ensure you always have access to affordable, natural medicine. If you seek holistic care that is compassionate and confidential, we invite you to stop in, meet the staff, and experience the Wellstone difference.

Find the right remedy for what ails you at Wellstone. We believe the more you know, the better you can treat your condition.


A short cannabis plant with dense branches and with wide leaves. India stains are best suited for nighttime use, and provide patients deep mental and physical relaxation.


A tall cannabis plant with loose branches and narrow leaves. Sativa strains are best suited for daytime use, and provides patients an elevation in mood and spirit.


A crossbred indica and sativa cannabis plant. Hybrid strains provide a wide range of physical and mental effects, depending on the unique blend.


The bud created from a cannabis plant. Flowers feature a wide range of characteristics, depending on the unique strain.


Ingestible marijuana in the form of medicated baked treats, candies, coffee, tea, sodas, and more. Edibles come in a variety of styles and flavors to compliment your unique preference and taste.


Extracted marijuana with highly potent physical and mental effects. Concentrates include various waxes, oils, tinctures, and topical treatments, and should be used in moderation depending on your unique condition.